I am Chuck Amaral, the Head Developer and main administrator of X-Plane Brasil community. I was an active specops pilot in IVAO BR-DIV since 2003 when I´ve started at the Virtual Brazilian Air Force. After the first years, my work focused on planning and development of virtual operations under the FABv flag, as the General Commander.

The Virtual Brazilian AirForce (FABv) is a SOG (Special Operation Group) designed to simulate the activities of the Brazilian Air Force in virtual environment. We do not own or keep any kind of relationship with the real Brazilian Air Force and the our main purpose concerns only to entertainment and study. Since 2003 we simulate the Brazilian Air Force activities within the IVAO network “as real as it gets”. We are also experienced members with more than a decade of virtual operation within several combat and non-combat platforms / networks such as IVAO, LockOn/DCS World, IL2 Sturmovik, Falcon AF/BMC.

Within the IVAO network I was the former BR-SOAC, BR-SOC and within the IVAO Headquarters I was IVAO-SOA1, SOA2, SO3, and SOA4, and also the former IVAO-SOAD, mainly responsible for the planning and development of IVAO Special Operations World Tours  for the years 2012 and 2013. Within the SOHQ, I was the leader of the Special Operations Development Group (SODG) with focus on SO planning and scenery development for the IVAO community. I have 3D skills on PlaneMaker, Google SketchUp, AC3D, and Blender, mainly related with aircraft and scenery development for flight simulators (Microsoft Flight Simulator / Laminar X-Plane).